Thursday, April 8, 2010

Street Fashion ... What Are You Wearing?

I wanted to write about street fashion today because it's what inspires me and makes me appreciate individuals for dressing for themselves and not for social status or money status or what the main stream propaganda tells us to wear.....just BE YOUR SELF and that's that! That is also why I am a HUGE fan of vintage shopping because not only is it recycling clothes but it gives you the opportunity to be unique in your own special way without breaking the bank! Ever since I was 16years old until the age of 30 I worked in the fashion retail business and was horrified by the groups of people that really don't or won't ever understand the meaning of individuality! ....... and it is a sin against fashion! I am not a snob I just tell it like I see it, so just relax and check out some street fashion :) Today I have been listening to a lot of Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band
Yoko's music is Avant-garde experimental rock and only a few people can stand to listen to her and I am one of those that is not afraid to admit that I adore Yoko Ono as an artist!
Check Yoko out here

So what are you wearing today? :)

I love how Jarvis Cocker has his little boy dressed
That's why I love having Keanu because you can also dress them in style... until they grow up and hate what you pick out for them to wear :(

I hope you enjoyed the street pics NYLON has a couple of books dedicated to street fashion that are cool reads!
I am gonna go vintage shopping tomorrow for a new vintage blog for FRIDAY!!!
Until then enjoy this amazing weather ..... JAR
Check out Yoko's Video link below .. beware it might make you ......????? :)

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