Sunday, April 25, 2010

How To Have A Fantastic Mr. Fox Party

I wanted to write about my Mr. Fox Movie Party I had a while back! We had a blast and I got really creative when it came to this party so take a look!
I ordered Hot wings and cake for this party and it was YUMMY!!!!!

The cake I had ordered from THE CAKE LADY in Friendswood and I added my own Fantastic Mr. Fox decorations I had made the night before
LOVED the cake :)

I also made about 12 felt fox masks
they were right by the door for the guest!

I had also made cardboard masks for our photo booth
  1. Ash fox
  2. The badger
  3. Mr. Fox
  4. Mrs. Fox

I hot glued sticks from the yard to the back of each mask

Then I made the photo booth out of card board and paint and added lights around it!!
Then each guest got to pick a mask and take a pic in our photo booth :)

Then after we ate we watched the movie and played the soundtrack
then we went out side and camped around the fire and had a fantastic time!!

we even roasted marsh mellows ... how cute!!

Keanu was Ash and I had made him his own sock mask!!!
and that's how you have a FANTASTIC MR. FOX PARTY :)
Thanks again to every one that came to our party... JAR!!

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  1. SUCH a great idea! I love it! Having a fox themed birthday for my son and came across your posts- the masks are such a cool idea, not to mention the cardboard painted faces. You are so creative, thank you for sharing online.