Monday, May 10, 2010

My new Favorite Book

Last night I hung out at Barnes and Nobles and stumbled upon a new street fashion book called FACEHUNTER. I couldn't resist so I purchased it and wow it's a really great look book about London, New York and so on street fashion. I go crazy because I collect these type of books. This book is from a blogger named Yvan Rodic who takes pics of people on the streets. So check his blog out @ Here are a couple of his pics from the book ... it really makes you wonder why people in the U.S dress so not cool! It makes me want to move to Paris or at least out of Texas :)

Here are a few of the fashion books I have collected over the years!

and some more...

WHAT I WORE TODAY is another of my faves!!

and they all reside right under the new vintage macrame owl I just purchased off of ETSY.COM

Yesterday while going through all my old Cd's

I found my AT THE DRIVE IN CD from 1998

I forgot how much I love this CD!!!

any ways..... you can check out my old blog about street fashion @

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