Friday, May 14, 2010

My Snake Story

Today I left to go run some errands and I had left my cell phone at the house.So I drove back home to get my phone and as I walk up my sidewalk to get to the front door ....... I see this huge black and white SNAKE right at the door WTH .... I even said that .. no actually I said " OH HELL TO THE NAH" and I ran back to my car! I couldn't call no one due to my cell phone being inside the house!!!!! I just can't believe what I had just encountered! SCARY!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!


  1. So that was most likely a king snake...
    I killed a huge snake like two weeks ago with an axe.... hahahah

  2. I am ridiculously scared of snakes. I'm pretty sure I would have abandoned my phone for a week if that happened to me.

  3. Olive your CRAZY next time I am calling you to kill a snake....

    @ Robyn .. I am scared now very scared!!!!

  4. Okay! Haha I chopped its head off!