Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am starting my diet and exercise routine today

Today marks my start date MAY 4Th ... I am on a mission to get my body back into shape and shed some pounds!I just really want to start feeling healthier and honestly fit into all my clothes again! I have been in a big slump and all I do is eat fast food and I drink about 3 Dr. peppers a day!!!! NOT GOOD! When I was in high school I weighed 96 pounds and then I got up to 101 pounds before I got pregnant with Keanu :) Now I weigh 128 pounds HORRIBLE and I am 4"11 so if I don't start now I am gonna end up looking like the blueberry girl on Willy Wonka... your gonna have to roll me out of the room!!! SAD but TRUE! So my goal is too get to 108 pounds .... I can do this it's just 20 pounds!!!! I THINK I CAN...... I THINK I CAN !!!!!!! So I am gonna do three different work outs callanetics
Billy Blanks

and the good old treadmill

I love to listen to Justin while I work out.....he motivates me shhhhh ... it's our secret :)

And Madonna of course
and the movie Flash Dance
wish me luck .... JAR
oh and for breakfast I had egg whites and almonds and water ... YUMMY :(


  1. How did it all go? Were you able to stick to it all day?

  2. Yeah it's been 2 days now and so far so good .... Just really bad headaches from cutting the Dr. Pepper out :(