Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Love Cats MEOW

I LOVE cats and I HATE dogs but does that mean I will end up being an old cat lady with no husband? (Yeah probably so) but who cares!! This cat blog is dedicated to all the peeps with amazing cats :)
but knowing me I will be a fashionable old cat lady with a fashionable cat :)

I love Miu Miu's Spring/Summer 2010 collection esp due to the rad cat prints they used!!
NYLON.COM just wrote a cool fashion blog about cat things that are in this season check it out it's called MEOW MIX!!!

My kool cat Gizmo
she is the kindest cat everrrr :)

I posted some pics of cool ladies with cool cats
I always wanted a Hemingway cat named after the writer due to their huge paws and they have 6 toes
Hemingway only had these 6 toed cats!!

black cats are so pretty....if I could have a black panther I would :)

last night Keanu and I gave our cat Gizmo a bath and I found these cool shampoos for cats and they smell really good too!

Pet Head's waterless Frisky blueberry muffin spray shampoo $7.00 @ Pet Co

Pet Head's Purrtastic Passion Fruit skin soothing shampoo $7.00 @
So love your friendly Felines and make them smell YUMMY
now I leave you with my favorite Cure song ... LOVE CATS
Goodnight .... JAR!!!