Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things That I am Obsessed with Right Now!

I can never go to sleep because I obsessively think and my brain will not shut down ... so I wanted to write about the things I am obsessing about to pass the time! Woody Allen Paper cut out Toy A Day
check out their blog
I really want to have a Woody Allen movie party in the near future :)
I want this sweater ... I MUST make my own
so it looks as if I am off to the thrift stores tomorrow :)
I will be wearing a shirt underneath ...LOL

I LOVE Chloe Sevigny she has the best style
I have to lose some weight .. OK I am starting my diet ASAP!!!

and Zoe Kravitz her style is MADNESS .. love her!!!

I adore this movie .. esp when I was little I wanted to be her
in fact I am her I am sooo short 4"11
so does that make me a midget???? hmmmm?

LOVE this movie
I wanna buy it this week...

and this one
when I was younger I would constantly watch this OVER and OVER :)

I NEED this donut phone from the early 1980's
I found one on ETSY for $68.00 too much money
but I need it!!

and Fabrizio Moretti from The Strokes and Little Joy
HOTNESS ... my new crush!!!!

and I love his band Little Joy

and I am gonna read this new Patti Smith book this week!!!

and my little baby bears
I am always obsessed with being a Great Best Friend and Mom to Keanu!!!
Well I feel 100% better this week so I will certainly be going thrift shopping this week and I am in search of a Vintage Dresser for my room too!!
Well Goodnight and SO BE IT!!! JAR :)

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