Monday, May 10, 2010

A look back at a year of my hair!

So today I decided to color and chop my long hair off that I have been growing out for 3 yrs now. It was so damaged from all the color I had put on my hair over this last year. I took this picture this morning right before going to my mom's salon too color it black and cut it off .... BYE BYE long red hair :(

and now this is what it looks like... I don't have any make-up on so it might look kinda strange! After my mom cut my hair I cried because it took me so long to grow my hair long but I kinda like it now!
Lets go on a picture journey on my hair over the past year it's kinda funny......October 2008 my hair was healthy and long and my natural color dark brown and then....I dyed it black December 2008 this pic was taken on my birthday January 5th 2009Then we get to march 2009 and I put some highlights in my hairNow it's July 2009 and my hair is getting blonder and I like this color the best!it's getting really blonde now but I still want it blonderNow it's the perfect color February 2010 platinum blonde but no I get this bright idea to dye my hair fire red....Then it faded to a light copper color and today I decide to get rid of it....and so here we are may 2010 and back to black and all my long hair GONE!!!I got the idea from looking at pictures of Lilly Allen the other night and so I did it!!!!
Well I hope you liked all the colors because I am sticking to black for a long time .... OR will I?
I guess time will tell ... SO BE IT! JAR


  1. I love it, and you look just like Lily!

  2. Thanks :)
    I need to take better pics tmr when I have make-up on!

  3. What color due did you use for that beautiful bright red?