Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things I heart in October

I love October .... the weather and fall clothes! I recently went shopping at forever 21 the other day and bought $1.50 green nail polish. I loved it SOOOOO much I went back and bought 3 more bottles of it. I also recently cut 5 inches off my hair. I am getting it to a healthy state so I can dye it Silver white with lilac undertones hopefully by February of next year. That means no more hair color just new growth.Okay lets see if I can do this!

The green is a pure Green color :)
in the sunlight ... it's like a pretty jade green!

The day before I cut my hair ... it was sooo long :(

I wanted the pic to show my hair length and my new bottom fake lashes from Japan :)
Dolly Lashes

My new favorite lip color is Countessa Fluorescent by Lime Crime
and my new bird necklace from forever 21 ... I heart it!

So new hair cut
new lashes
new green nail polish 
and Fluorescent lips
one huge bird necklace = October!



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