Thursday, October 6, 2011

Introducing Thrift Store Thursday blog

This week I went thrift shopping and found some wonderful trinkets and clothes. I love the month of October because that's when all the thrift stores have racks of costumes for Halloween. I don't shop for Halloween but they put vintage dresses and stuff in that category.Every other Thursday I will post my Thrift Store Thursday blog. Here is a quick look at the items I purchased.

Yesterday I purchased this vintage blazer on

It reminded me of the Eat me Beat me lady on Pump Up The Volume
I ALWAYS wanted a blazer like hers.

Here is what I purchased at the thrift store.
And it all cost $13.56

1970 unicorn window trinket

1960's vintage U.S. Navy hat

1980 vintage braided belt

with a cool elepant

a 1960's ceramic pink Lamb flower pot 
but I use it as a business card holder

so cute and it was only .49 cents :)

I found this 1970's angel wing dress on the costume rack

It is really long and very heavy

This dress I LOVE the picture doesn't do it justice
it also was on the Halloween rack ... maybe for a witches dress.
but it's a 1980's black long boho dress.

Well till the next Thrift Shop Thursday.

So Be It!


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