Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greetings and Salutations .... love life!

I have only loved 2 people in my life .... one when I was 15 and one when I was 18. After the death of one and the betrayal of the other I slowly shut down in the love department. When it comes to my love life I am VERY cautious about who I let in. Well I must have let my guard down and somehow someone slipped in .... for a brief time, I might add. But what this person has left behind is just a friendship. I hate trusting people and I really thought this person was gonna be the one that could let me love again... but he's not the one. I truly believe I was meant to be alone .... I never once have dreamed about getting married. I actually hate weddings! Oh well! I have been down and out this week trying to refocus on what's really important in my life. So that's why I have not blogged in a while. I am really content and I have learned to like being alone in the love department. I am really independent and I would rather die alone than be with someone who I loath or don't truly love with all my heart. I am a very eccentric person and it will take a special someone to waste my time on! When I truly care about you , I truly will give you my all and more!

I really believe my true love is the person that has died. Maybe that's why I can never fully love again. I am haunted by the love I will never have again! Hmmm!!!!

Also I think Keanu's love will and has fulfilled any love that I will ever need and more! A child's love is the most important love you can have in your life.... it's called unconditional love!!!! They love you no matter what!!!!!!!!!!

So ANYWAYS .... enough with the pity talk :) 
Tomorrow is Oddity Friday's blog!

My life as JAR ..... SO BE IT!

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