Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday: Random Things

Today I went to my local Thrift Store around the corner from my house. They didn't have much but I did find some random items that I really didn't need. I found an vintage Teddy Ruxpin lunch box from the 1980's but some stupid kid put dumb stickers all over it. Too bad!!! I just found 4 items this trip! I used my cat in these pics she like to smell everything that I bring into the house!

I found this 1980 belt for $2.00

a bag of doll heads for .99 cents

The doll heads come in White tan and black
I will use these for an art project soon!

Little Twin Stars from Japan ( Sanrio)
I love it!!!!

My greatest find ... A Vincent Van Gogh book for $2.00



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