Thursday, November 10, 2011

All That Glitters and My New Obsessions for NOVEMBER

November how I love Thee!!!!! I also love glitter and yummy smelly things that make me happy! The cooler weather and the jackets and stockings I can now wear out daily. Just add some glitz and I'm good to go! Here are some of the items I have purchased for myself for November. I went shopping at LUSH and bought some great smelling bath stuff. I went to Forever 21 and bought some sequin and Glitter stuff. I went to Ulta and stocked up on fake lashes and the new Muppet OPI nail polish. I also dragged some other stuff right out of my closet to wear this month!

PS. I'm saving my Oddity Friday blog until my cat skeleton comes in. I hope it's Saturday. :)

My sequin shorts from Forever 21
My Muppets glitter OPI nails :)

All my sequin hats from my closet

My new Glitter shoes from Forever 21

My new body wash from LUSH that smells like Cotton Candy .... I smell so good you can eat me!

This is AMAZING at LUSH I bought a piece of this soap called Angel Soap
I want the entire thing it's sooooo cool looking! It smells like pink lemonade!!!!

I bought the new Muppet color in Rainbow Connection

The other colors in the collection are amazing too!

SO BE IT   xoxo JAR

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