Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Top 6 Red Lipstick Colors

Since the age of 9 I have been wearing some sorta shade of red lipstick. It all started out with MTV and Madonna. The other thing that influenced my red lipstick habit is the movie Making Mr. Right when she is driving and putting her red lipstick on. I have TONS of red lipsticks and here are my top 6 colors!

I will test out all 6 of the colors to show you!

MAC Ruby Woo

LIME CRIME Retrofuturist

LIME CRIME Glamour 101

NARS Jungle Red

VERSACE  #12 red

MAC Russian Red

MAC Russian Red with a sparkle gloss on top!

Removing the red lipsticks looks as if your nose is bleeding :)

Lips after red lipstick ... they are stained but oh well!

Everyone should wear red lipstick from time to time ... it makes you happy and guys notice you more!
My favorite out of all of them is MAC's Ruby Woo and Russian Red from MAC!
My face looks crazy up close in some pics but I was trying to show you the lip color!



  1. You look Beautiful! I loved the MAC Ruby Woo
    on you.~~Star C.