Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Show

This past Friday and Saturday was my 2nd year of being in the fine arts show at the Arts Alliance in Clear Lake. Last year was fun but somehow this year was really amazing. I got to meet some of my fans from my Face Book Art by Jar page. I also got to meet some other great artist and I sold 9 paintings at this show and tons of merchandise. Next year I am definitely going to have more in varieties of small fun merchandise. I never thought I would make it this far with my art by Jar business or even my talent. I really like to see how my art makes people smile ..... that means more to me than any dollar sign! So far I have sold 30 or more paintings since 2008. I never even expected to sell even one painting!


Booth set up
Face Book fan she bought Gypsy painting 1 of 3 that I had made.

Face Book Fan she bought Art Deco Owl Lady

Face Book Fan she bought the Owl Mask Painting with Frame
It was really cool to meet my fans from face book in person and I'm glad they have a piece of artwork to hang in their house!

John and Yoko were the main attraction of the entire art show!
Elvis and Priscilla were second best!

Over view of Art show

other Artist

Afterwards I was tired and happy about selling 4 paintings. Keanu and I celebrated with mexican food! Keanu makes funny faces in these pics but he was really sick too.


Sold a lot of the colored small frame paintings.
Got my friend Josh to buy one of my coffee mugs!

Sold lots of postcards and buttons

sold this panda painting within 5 minutes of opening.
p.s. people LOVE pandas :)

My Grandma Cano helped me out.

and my Grandma Rivas stopped by
two grandma's in one day ... overjoyed!!!

I forgot to take pics on this day it was really busy and I ended up selling 5 paintings as well.
Later that night my brothers took me out to celebrate and I got happy on Margaritas!

I can't wait until my next art showing .... soon!!!
Next time in downtown Houston!

Thanks everyone who gave me support!


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