Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage shopping on a HOT summer day

Today I ventured out to Goodwill in Clear Lake and found a bunch of goodies!! and I only spent $19.00 :)This boys jacket was only $2.99 and it fits me well ... I might wear my vintage concert tee's under neath it and when Keanu gets older we can share it :) The tag on the inside of the jackets reads COOL THREADS FOR LADS STYLED LIKE DAD ... cute!
I found this cool purse for $1.99 it was handmade in the Philippians and it is so RAD!!I found these cool vintage shoes in a size 6 never been worn for only $4.99!!!!! and they are in style right now..OxfordsI also found this cool Aztec blanket for my room's in great condition for only $2.99I also found this cool little macrame clutch purse for only $1.00 Then I found this cool very vintage tee shirt for Keanu .... it was on sale for .79 cents HOW COOL is this shirt!!! It reminds me of a painting :)and all day I have rediscovered Bat For Lashes I LOVE this CD!!!!!!
Well I hope you enjoyed my vintage finds...

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