Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fahrenheit 451 ...... I adore you!!!

The other night I woke up and started watching the movie Fahrenheit 451 on TCM and I instantly fell in LOVE with it! Not only do I adore Julie Christie but I also love David Hemmings from the movie Blow Up! Not to mention that this movie is directed by the one and only Francois Truffaut..... Filmed in 1966 and they had huge flat screen TVs strange ... anyways I absolutely ADORE and LOVE this movie!!!!! The film itself is really fashion forward and that's a bonus!!


  1. I was hunting for a picture of that TV and fell on your site. I have thought for years now that this movie was very innovative specifically because of the flat screen, and also because that flatscreen was a 16X9 widescreen format! Good catch!

  2. I thought the same thing the first time a watched this movie :)