Friday, August 5, 2011

Second Day and One Cat Later

Today was another fun day! Breakfast Tacos for breakfast and tubing in the water like the true Mexican I am. ( Really I am Mexican) Keanu and I went to a cavern and saw some bats which I am OBSESSED with! I went Vintage shopping and soaked up the sun with old Skool music. We ended the night with Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack playing by the water. I got drunk while playing toddler monopoly with my older brother.... oh yeah good old pre-school Monopoly :) And we also adopted a nasty skinny cat that probably has feline aids and herpes! FOR REALZ! I even think I managed to give Sean Lennon a sunburn ... all in a days work people, all in a days work!

Me and my Keeks!!

Feline Aids

Feline Aids likes to booze it up!

The praying mantis I caught .... LOVE IT!

My new Best friend :)

Tomorrows agenda: 

Keanu turns 8 yrs old !!!!



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