Thursday, August 11, 2011

On again Off again

Tonight is tough .... every night I have been staying up till 4 AM to get art work finished. My body is mad at me and I feel numb. I have been in a sarcastic mood all day .... I guess my mind is going back into defense mode! This is where the super non nice person comes into effect .... I hate everyone situation. Keanu has made me smile and my art has kept me company. I have been listening to alot of music.... I will post it below. Things like this make my art just that more interesting. What is that saying?.........Let Them Eat Crow? WTH

I'll eat crow and then crow up on you!
This blog post makes no sense nor does the picture!
One Flew Over the cuckoo's nest!!!! I think this is my new face expression for August!


So thats my playlist 

And remember eat crow don't eat crow .... sheryl crow OH NO!!!!



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