Saturday, August 6, 2011

Last Day and One Dragon Fly Later

Today Keanu turned 8 and I am officially tired of the sun and alcohol .... My skin is the color of an oompa loompa ! Seriously!
Today we ate drank and ate and drank!
Keanu stayed inside and built a Lego set!
I bonded with my brother Billy ( I had issues today) but he helped me smile!
We ate BBQ and now I am about to pass out!
I am soooo ready to come home tomorrow and get ready for my art show :)
One last thing I made a friend with a Dragon Fly today :)

Billy and I

So peaceful


So tan ... OOMPA LOOMPA :)

My dragon fly friend!

I heart Dragon Flies!

I need to stop and put the bottle down ... for realz!!

Okay ... I am drunk and I need to go to bed!
Till next summer ... I had a blast!!!



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