Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Ballerina Diet and Excercise routine

For 4 weeks now I have been doing a lot of Ballet workout and Palates at home.... and it's AMAZING!
You can burn a lot of calories while doing ballet workouts :) Here are a few of the ballerina things I do to stay long and lean .... and did I mention very STRONG! It works every muscle out!!!

I was watching Black Swan one night and I decided to get a dancers sculpted body
but I have a LONG WAY TO GET THERE!!!!

I use this workout 2 disc DVD set
I am still on the first DVD
I do this workout 3 times a week ... and Palates twice a week
plus Cardio @ 24 hr Fitness and the tradmill @ home

You can purchase this DVD set at Barnes and Nobles

to get myself in the mood as a dancer. I bought a cheap pair of ballet slippers at Payless
and I wear footless tights
I know I'm a dork :)

In between meals I drink Ballerina Diet Tea and TONS of water!!!

Ballerina Weight Loss Rules

  • Each serving of food must be divided into half;
  • Soups are independent meals and should be eaten separately from other foods;
  • Never mix different type of protein in one meal (such as fish, meat and dairy);
  • Use only low fat or fat free dairy products (including cheeses), always dilute milk with water or ice;
  • Never add sugar or sugar substitutes to your drinks;
  • Use only home made mayonnaise without egg yolks and salt;
  • Do not use salt; substitute it with soy sauce and spices;
  • Drink water 30 minutes before meal or 1 hour after; 
  • Drink at least 8-10 cups of water every day;
  • Drink slimming tea regularly.


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