Friday, June 24, 2011

My 8 Hours with The Invisible Man

So I went to Texas Art Supply yesterday and this is what I bought for $20.00
The Invisible Man

To my surprise I opened the box and was SHOCKED that I had to hand paint all the organs and veins!
But Keanu was happy so I had to be too!

I can't resist his cute little face :)

This is what it looks like out of the box

I started painting the organs

hours into it I was almost done painting and glazing the organs

Then I had to hand paint the veins..... NOT FUN!!!!

Keanu helped me assemble and glue the skeletal part ... but I had super glue all OVER my hands :)

I was so excited to almost finish
I started at 1pm and now it was 9pm
and his genital area forget it ... it kept falling down his legs :)

Yes .... I was DONE ...ooops!
I forgot to add the rib cage!!!
I said forget it ...leave it as is!!!

It looked really cool next to all my oddities!
I love it!

Was it worth 8 hours YES and I had fun spending time with my Keanu :)

P.S. I bought my penis bones from the Evolution Store today!
I will share them when they get here!!!


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