Monday, June 13, 2011

I Finished This Painting in one day :)

First off don't forget about the Art By JAR contest that started yesterday ... and it runs until June 30th! I have enjoyed your contest pictures so far .... they are amazing! Remember you could win a painting by me! Just take a pic or video of a sign that says I LOVE JAR!

Sunday I had a deadline to paint a 16x20 painting for a client. Well knowing me I waited to the last day to start on it. I guess I had been putting it off because she wanted me to paint her dog. I HATE painting animals esp. dogs! I did it though and I finished it in one day! I'm still not sure about how the dog turned out? But other than that it's good! At least for a one day painting. I took pics through out the process ..... take a look :)
My inspiration for this face was Jean Harlow
Jean Harlow

Strange eyebrows

Eyebrows fixed

My messy room .... I saved the dog for LAST!!!

It was almost finished here but I decided to work on the dog more!
The FINISHED painting :)
The Face completed with headpiece
The necklace bib made with real stones .... Vintage stones!
The dog ... UGH! I don't like but It's money at the end of the day!
The End
She picks it up tomorrow in a great vintage frame too :)

Thanks for looking :)

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