Sunday, May 8, 2011

My new obsession this week= Anime and manicures

 I love watching Anime movies .... and I just finished watching Metropolis and I fell in love with it. It also inspired my nail look for this week!

This anime movie made me want to paint my nails in a great anime blue color

I soaked my hands and feet in Lush's Bath Bomb called Girl Planet. I bought it at the Lush store in Baybrook Mall ....
and it smells really yummy.
Here is how I use the bath bomb step by step :)

First I put really hot tap water in a large bowl ... A clear bowl is better so you can see the cool color of the Girl Planet bath bomb going off!

Take the bath bomb out of the cute Lush bag :)

It smells so yummy!

Next make sure your water is Hot.... so the bath bomb can fizzle better...
Drop it in and watch it go!

I let it fizzle for a moment and then I take the left over bath bomb out

Because it's normally used for the bath ....
so I let it dry and use it for a later use :)

Girl Planet turns a cool purple color!

I soak my hands and feet ...

I have all my essentials out for my manicure and pedicure ...

While watching Metropolis .... This is my time for myself!
Whats better then a good movie and a great manicure and pedicure for yourself! :)

I decided on a pretty pastel blue color called What's The Cattitude by O.P.I
on my nails .... It reminds me of a anime blue :)



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