Thursday, May 5, 2011

I want a Relationship like Harold and Maude

My all time favorite love movie is Harold and Maude ..... I watch it at least once a month! It just puts me in a fantastic mood for some strange reason. I want to find my Maude in life because I am Harold in SO many ways. Ever since I was little I would always pretend to be dead ...and when I first saw Harold and Maude I felt such a connection to Harold. I need a free spirited person in my love life ASAP ..... I will find my Maude someday .... SOMEDAY! Even if I am 80 years old I know my Maude is out there waiting for me!

This might be my inspiration for my next painting for my bedroom :)
I love this movie poster!!
Who says age matters?
Love is Love
The soundtrack is amazing 
Cat Stevens 
I just ordered the book from Amazon today :)
I really want these Harold and Maude Paper Dolls

I should have a Harold and Maude movie party this year?!

So Be It!


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