Thursday, January 20, 2011

My circus freak items I adore

I am addicted to this store called The Evolution Store in Soho NY. they have the coolest things from real human bones to taxidermy animals and insect candy.

These are the two candles I bought from their website ..... Brain in a jar and twins in a jar

This is how they look in my room .... I'm not going to burn them they were kind of expensive ...
but they do have Brain soaps that I want to get for my bathroom :)
another website that sells these candles is The Gemini Company they also have cool strange stuff

So if you like old vintage circus stuff or side show freak things for your house I recommend checking these stores out..... I even like the old circus jacket look !

                                                               So Be It ....... JAR

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  1. You are out there...Wayyyyyyyyyy out there. Good Luck. John