Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday: Black & Blue

I wanted to do a blog about dark lips! Ever since I bought the new W magazine for March with Kate Moss on the cover with dark lips. Here are 3 of my top dark lip colors I use. I also wanted to post a gothic kinda Wednesday blog, because my mood has been very blue lately.

Plastic Bat ring from Toy Joy
Lime Crime Black Lipstick in Styletto

Bird Necklace from Etsy

Black satin/lace dress Betsey Johnson

mask vintage ... Bat Ring Toy Joy

Vintage 1980 victorian dress
Black lipstick Lime Crime

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein book from Barnes n Nobles

Mesh Victorian dress Betsey Johnson

Blueberry lips 
NARS Train Bleu velvet lip pencil

with NARS amazon lipliner

White translucent powder from MAC

Mask Hobby Lobby
Vintage Peter Pan coller dress from Etsy

Blue lips/lipgloss

Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Loop-De-Loop

Vintage navy blue purse from 1960's



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