Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stay Golden on a Wednesday

Today started out crazy but ended up Golden. Like Pony Boy from the outsiders .... sometimes you gotta stay golden. I painted my nails glitter gold and put on leopard print and all my gold crazy jewelry. This is what put a smile on my face today... oh and I just bleached my teeth too :)

Dress Forever 21
Necklace Betsey Johnson

Ring and necklace Betsey Johnson Rrrrrrrrrrr

Gold Nails
Chanel nail polish in Gold
with a top layer of gold glitter polish

Lightning bolt ring Betsey Johnson

Lipstick Lime Crime color Centrifuchsia

Owl necklace vintage 1970's

I haven't cut my hair in 3 months and it's CRAZY
I want it long again

Happy ... my new white bleached teeth :)

and my Betsey Johnson heels and hot pink glitter toe nails!!!

1 comment:

  1. would you ever consider selling that lightening bolt ring, i had it once, only wore it a couple of times and then my cousin stole it from me, i have been looking for years.