Monday, February 27, 2012


I promise I will be blogging more in March! February has been filled with LOVE ..... (blushing) and art! My company Art By JAR has been slammed with business since January of this year. I also have a small art shindig in less than two weeks and NO paintings to sell?????? I have managed to vintage shop and I've added new stuff to my oddity collection just yesterday! So I will post new blogs ASAP! February has been  GREAT! Here is a mini blog just to update it for February!

My favorite lipstick is still LIME CRIMES Countessa Fluorescent!
I use it almost everyday and I'm almost out! YIKES!!!

I want to find this vintage cookbook

I MUST have these confetti purple heart eyelashes PRONTO!!!

My look right now is Mod meets witch look... I'm trying to wear more hats this year! TRYING!!!!

I will be locked up in my room today painting and blogging and prepping canvases ALL DAY!
and watching one of my favorite movies! Pirate Radio! I need this soundtrack ASAP!

Well that was my mini blog ..... LOVE YA!



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