Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friends of P

I don't tell a lot of people about my strange ability that I've had since the age of 9, but I guess since this is MY LIFE AS JAR .... I will tell!!! I was really scared to tell my mom about this ability and now that she has seen for herself that I have it ..... she believes me!

Sometimes I have premonitions and they come true all the time!

Sometimes it's a visual thing .... like I see it right before it happens

Sometimes it's just a gut feeling like intuition

Sometimes it's dreams very visual dreams

Sometimes my family tells me not to say things out loud because 80% of the time it comes true!

I have met people ( even some of you ) and I could sense things and that's how I knew we were connected somehow.

Very important people in my life have died even my pets and I knew it before they even died. Either through dreams or intuition. It's a scary thing but strange! Sometimes visually that's scary!

My religion teaches me not to look into these matters, but I believe some people have certain things for a reason! People sometimes think I'm crazy because I have told them something and then it happens!

I don't practice witch craft or any forms of spiritism... I'm really against all that!

But anyways I have this strong gut feeling this morning and it's strange!
It's a good feeling .... I wonder what's going to happen? :)



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