Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Curiosity Cabinet of Oddities

This is my very own Curiosity Cabinet
If you want to start your own check out these websites

The bottom is where I store all my perfume but eventually it will be filled with nothing but more oddities.

I bought 2 huge Bell Jars and I am going to be decorating them like they did in the Victorian era.
I will write a blog about how to make Bell Jars soon!

This is my new taxidermy snake

My new 3 animal penis bones

 Spiny Dogfish Baby Shark in a jar
Star fish in a jar
24 Karat pure gold in liquid
Billy the bull sack ( that's what its called)

The jar with the spider is fake for now the real spider is being shipped
My brain in a jar 

My jar of real Flamingo feathers from an 1925 Taxidermy Flamingo

teeth in a jar .... Keanu is about to add another one of his teeth soon!

My new skull 4D puzzle from the Evolution Store

and my vintage dentures in a jar

So that is what I have so far and I still have more to come!
I hope you enjoyed my collection!



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