Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pillows,Games and my Sister

My younger sister JoBeth Rivas has just recently begun to make amazing pillows! Some are based off of    Video Game characters and they are really rad and she is beyond talented.
             JoBeth has done a series of pillows based off the video game CASTLE CRASHERS

                                                       Castle Crashers Chicken Pillow

                                                        Castle Crashers Burly Bear Pillow

                                                     Castle Crashers Skeleton Pillow

                                                            Castle Crashers Snoot Pillow

                                                 Castle Crashers Green Knight Pillow

                                                        Castle Crashers Blue Knight Pillow

JoBeth will be selling her pillows on ETSY soon ..... So I will keep you updated on when and how you can purchase these really rad pillow!

I will be blogging soon about Video game art and Video game parties that my Brother Matt will be having in December!

As you know or if you didn't I LOVE Bento Boxes and I ran across Castle Crashers Bento Box it's really cool ... hmmmm I might have to try this just to get in the spirit of this whole video game vibe!


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